Welcome to my not quite completed Reggae music page! You realize that if everyone was a skier, the snow would get tracked out too quickly and even in the backcountry there would be a shortage of pleasure for us powder hounds. And because there would be a shortage of powder snow, it was necessary that an alternative be found to prevent the world from going into ultimate chaos! And so in answer to the cries of the masses, Jah gave us REGGAE! Reggae music, the aphrodasiac of the soul, the instiller of peace, and the whole reason that they invented music!

Reggae evolved from SKA way back in the 60's and began to lead the way towards world peace and brotherly love. (Hey, I'm starting to sound like a hippie!) You will notice that other than localized (mostly asinine) catfights and the US Govt sending our troops where they don't belong, there have been no major wars while reggae has been on the planet. Isn't that wonderful? So get off your duff and down the the local CD shoppe! Buy some Reggae music and make the world a happier place! (You can also send $20 to the address here and I will send you a free copy of my latest release on the ROOSTAFARI RECORDS label entitled Move Tha People. If you are new to the wonderful world of Reggae, here are a few of my personal favorites. Stay tuned for pics, links, etc.

These are just a few of the inspirational Reggae artists I have come to enjoy. Give 'em a listen. You will find a spring in your step and a plethora of freinds at your side. If you are in the Salt Lake Area, be sure to check out the Reggae Dance Club at the Wooden Dog in Trolley Square. It is the place for reggae in SLC.

Also, for those of you who have an interest in the Rastafarian Faith, here are a couple of very interesting articles on the subject.

Well, that's all for now. Keep playin the best music around and be sure to tune in next week when Beavis and Butthead shave their legs and join the circus!

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